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Spirituality Beyond Religion

August 30

We had our twenty-fourth virtual service using Zoom!  There were 40 people in attendance.

This link below will take you to the service including featured speaker Conrad Draper.

Click Here for Recorded Service

Conrad Draper

Conversations with Conrad

Conrad Draper is an engineer, healer, shaman and a long-time student of ancient wisdom keepers.  These have included Lakota shamans, New Age channels like Ramtha and modern-day gurus like Deepak Chopra. For the last thirty years he has been involved in unraveling and balancing of the mysteries held within the emotional, mental and physical bodies.  Conrad’s talk will mostly be a Question & Answer presentation. Conrad will initiate this conversation with insights about Source energy, COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, Me Too and the numerology of this year plus 2022 & 2024.


September 6

We had our twenty-fifth virtual service using Zoom!  There were 39 people in attendance.

This link below will take you to the service including featured speaker Sara Cunningham.

Click Here for Recorded Service

Sara Cunningham

Free Mom Hugs

Sara Cunningham is an author, activist, and founder of the non-profit organization Free Mom Hugs. Her journey is a surprising one that began in conservative Oklahoma, when her son, Parker, came out as gay. As a woman of faith, Sara wrestled with the news until she began to study, research, and reconcile the two worlds. This journey resulted in her book How We Sleep at Night. She found herself on a journey “from the church to the Pride parade,” falling in love with the LGBTQIA+ community. In the wake of beautiful glitter-covered hugs and heart-breaking horror stories, the mission of Free Mom Hugs began. Simple acts of love and acceptance turned into a viral sensation, and Sara knew she had the opportunity to lead impactful change.

Free Mom Hugs is now a movement across the country and the world. Sara goes Beyond the Hug to educate and advocate organizations of all types including schools and businesses striving for safe and protected spaces. She has appeared, many times with her son Parker, on the Today show and The RuPaul Show and spoke at the 2019 GLAAD Awards. She also has been featured in many national publications including The Washington Post, Woman’s Day magazine, and People magazine. Sara is currently in partnership with Jamie Lee Curtis, who has purchased the rights to her book and will release a movie based on her story. An upcoming documentary about the Mama Bears movement by award winning director Daresha Kyi also features Sara and the Free Mom Hugs movement.

Sara’s passion is to change the perspective of the outside world toward this beautiful part of our community so that we as a society not only learn to affirm, but more importantly, celebrate. Her goal is to help parents and children have authentic relationships and understanding for each other using her own experience and education as a guide. Sara is passionate about connecting with faith, civic, and business leaders in efforts to make the world a kinder, safer place for our LGBTQIA+ family. She will not only share highlights of her personal journey but also give us ideas on how we can stay connected with others in the midst of COVID.


September 13

We had our twenty-sixth virtual service using Zoom!  There were 36 people in attendance.

This link below will take you to the service.  Our scheduled speaker, Jeff, had to cancel at the last minute due to a family emergency.   The content of the service includes members of our community commenting on Five Questions.

Click Here for Recorded Service


Spiritual Perspectives from an Aficionado of Non-Violent Communication

Jeff Tretsven’s interest in nonviolence, as demonstrated by Gandhi, prepared him to be open when he discovered Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in 2006.  He found that Nonviolent Communication was what was missing from many spiritual practices that promote being compassionate, loving and kind but don’t tell how to do it. After discovering NVC, Jeff participated in extensive training opportunities and has been a NVC teacher ever since.  He is currently involved in establishing a nonprofit organization whose mission is to teach NVC in prisons and to other underserved communities.

Jeff’s talk will be about how Nonviolent Communication is the missing link in spirituality. Jeff says, “NVC is how to demonstrate unconditional love in the way a person speaks. How we speak is how we think. So Nonviolent Communication is helpful with understanding the process of creating our reality. It is an important link between thoughts and feelings.”


September 20

(Please see instructions below to join our virtual Zoom service.)

Ashley Brown

Letters to the Daughter I’ll Never Have

Ashley Brown is a writer, editor, and educator. Originally from Houston, she and her husband, author Nathan Brown, now live in Wimberley, Texas with their cattle dog and two cats. She is a professor for the University of Oklahoma, teaching distance-learning courses. Letters to the Daughter I’ll Never Have is her first book, and it was a Foreword Book Awards Finalist, Runner-up in the San Francisco Book Festival, and Honorable Mention in the New York Book Festival.

A review by Beth Wood on Ashley’s book cover states:  “Letters to the Daughter I’ll Never Have by Ashley Brown is a heart-opening wonder: a meditation on family, real life, marriage, friendship, and the bittersweet truth of a road not taken. She has beautifully and thoughtfully captured the anguish, rumination, clear-eyed hope, and grief in approaching one of the most important decisions we humans can make: to have or to not have children.”

Ashley will read excerpts from her book of letters to her imaginary daughter and speak to the power of the writing process to help her find peace with the difficult decision not to have a child. In the letters, she writes to her “daughter” about her choice, her life, her values, and her stories–the things she would have wanted to pass along to a child.


September 27

(Please see instructions below to join our virtual Zoom service.)

Joseph Glosemeyer

The Etheric Geography of Oklahoma

Glosemeyer was raised on a farm in Northern Iowa and did a brief stint in the Air Force as an electronics technician after graduating from high school. Next he spent 7 years studying in a seminary run by an order of monastic priests where he received a BA in philosophy with graduate work in theology and English.  When Joseph left the seminary, he moved to Oklahoma, received an Associates Degree in electronics from OSU, and went into teaching, eventually receiving an MA in education from UCO.

Joseph has had a life-long interest in Native American cultures as well as esoteric subjects.  He has studied the works of Rudolf Steiner since 1978/79 and was introduced to the subject of etheric geography through this body of work.  For Joseph’s talk at Morning Star he plans to cover the following 4 areas:  1) the meaning of etheric, 2) the physical geography of Oklahoma, 3) indications of the etheric geography of Oklahoma, and 4) manifestations of those etheric qualities.  Through Joseph’s wisdom be prepared to see Oklahoma with new eyes – as a very spiritually grounded sacred place.




The virtual meeting room will be open at 9:30 a.m. for virtual visiting and the service will start at 10:00 a.m. We are trying different methods to improve our sound issues, so please be patient with us.  If you have trouble connecting or have technical issues on your end, please don’t worry or concern yourself about it.  Just disconnect, go on about your Sunday, and wait for the recording to be posted on Facebook and the website.

Instructions for you to download ZOOM and connect are included below.  This Morning Star service will be recorded in full and made available to the community on our public Facebook page (Morning Star Center for Spiritual Living) and on our website ( under the Speaker’s tab.  So, if you cannot make it Sunday morning LIVE, rest assured you can watch the recording later at your convenience.

You have 2 options.

  1. Attend by using the computer or laptop.
  2. Attend by using your mobile phone.

Choose the option that works best for you. Be sure to prepare and install ZOOM in advance. It takes a few minutes to set everything up.

Know that using ZOOM as an attendee is always free. You don’t need to buy an account.

Instructions for using ZOOM on the computer or laptop.

  1. Be sure that you have internet.
  2. Click on this link to download the software >>
  3. Install ZOOM.
  4. Accept all the features and questions (don’t worry. It’s safe!)
  5. On Sunday morning, click on this link around 9:30 to join the meeting. We want to be sure everything is working. Be on time so we can help you out!
  6. Turn up your sound so you can hear us.

Instructions for using ZOOM on your phone:

  1. Be sure that you have internet.
  2. Go to the app store on your phone and download the ZOOM app.
  3. Accept all the features and questions (don’t worry. It’s safe!)
  4. On Sunday morning around 9:30, open the app on your phone and click on ‘ join meeting’.
  5. Fill in the following meeting id number: 441-871-663.
  6. Accept using camera and phone (otherwise you can’t hear us).
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