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Spirituality Beyond Religion

September 27

We had our twenty-eighth virtual service using Zoom!  There were 42 people in attendance.

This link below will take you to the service including featured speaker Joseph Glosemeyer.

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Joseph Glosemeyer

The Etheric Geography of Oklahoma

Glosemeyer was raised on a farm in Northern Iowa and did a brief stint in the Air Force as an electronics technician after graduating from high school. Next he spent 7 years studying in a seminary run by an order of monastic priests where he received a BA in philosophy with graduate work in theology and English.  When Joseph left the seminary, he moved to Oklahoma, received an Associates Degree in electronics from OSU, and went into teaching, eventually receiving an MA in education from UCO.

Joseph has had a life-long interest in Native American cultures as well as esoteric subjects.  He has studied the works of Rudolf Steiner since 1978/79 and was introduced to the subject of etheric geography through this body of work.  For Joseph’s talk at Morning Star he plans to cover the following 4 areas:  1) the meaning of etheric, 2) the physical geography of Oklahoma, 3) indications of the etheric geography of Oklahoma, and 4) manifestations of those etheric qualities.  Through Joseph’s wisdom be prepared to see Oklahoma with new eyes – as a very spiritually grounded sacred place.


October 4

We had our twenty-ninth virtual service using Zoom!  There were 43 people in attendance.

This link below will take you to the service including featured speaker Lynn Stull.

Click Here for Recorded Service

Lynn Stull

Being in Service to Our Loved Ones Who Have Died

“It must be said that our social, ethical, and religious lives would be endlessly enriched if the living allowed themselves to be advised by the dead.”
—Rudolf Steiner (1861 – 1925)

Lynn Stull, author of Wonders At The Veil, Creating a Living Relationship with Your Loved Ones Who have Died has been working with Rudolf Steiner’s indications of being in service to the dead for more than twenty years. During her talk Lynn will share why developing a spiritual practice of creating this sacred relationship with the dead is an important step in our spiritual evolution and holds significant answers to the dilemmas the world faces today.

This spiritual practice of being in service to the dead has led Lynn from a career in business to the arts and to civic activity. Lynn earned her eurythmy diploma from Eurythmy Spring Valley, New York and studied Light, Darkness and Color in Painting Therapy in Sacramento. She is a current student in the Therapeutic Eurythmy Training of North America.  She has been active at the city and state levels advocating for safe technology.


October 11

(Please see instructions below to join our virtual Zoom service.)

Becki Hawkins

Beyond Statistics

Becki Hawkins started as a nurse’s aide in 1971, became a registered nurse, and worked in oncology, hospice, and home health/hospice care. She later became a hospice chaplain and hospice volunteer. She retired from nursing and now lives with her husband in Oklahoma.

Becki is a speaker who shares her experience with hospice and oncology professionals nationwide. She is the author of Transitions, A Nurse’s Education About Life and Death and is currently working on her second book. Since 1980 she has also written a weekly column titled “Beyond Statistics” in her local e-newspaper in Pryor and on Facebook.

For her presentation at Morning Star, Becki will be sharing her patients’ stories that, for her, were the most memorable. For example, some of her patients spoke of feeling their previously deceased loved ones nearby or spoke of vivid dreams helping them to not be afraid of “crossing over.” One gentleman said, as she held him, “Becki, do you see them?”


October 18

(Please see instructions below to join our virtual Zoom service.)

Jacob Rosecrants

How My Spirituality Led Me to the Classroom and Beyond

Rep. Jacob Rosecrants has been a Norman resident for over 30 years. After graduating with a History degree from the University of Oklahoma, he became a social studies teacher in southwest and northeast Oklahoma City. He has been the state representative of House District 46 since 2017, which encompasses mostly west Norman and Noble. He has two young children, Isabella and Jonah, who proudly attend Norman Public Schools. Jacob aims to strengthen our public schools, rebuild a thriving middle class, and work hard to continue to be a true representative of all the residents of both Norman and Noble.

At Morning Star, Jacob will speak to how his spirituality led him to the classroom.  It was instilled in him by his former Catholic priest father, Gerald Rosecrants, and his mother, Frances Fiedler, who became a Catholic nun after she and his father divorced. More specifically Jacob says, “I’ll give a little background and provide examples of how my beliefs guided me, and still guide me, especially in tough times.”


October 25

(Please see instructions below to join our virtual Zoom service.)

Yousef Khanfar

Journey of Light

Yousef Khanfar is an award-winning international author, photographer, and humanitarian, whose images and messages transcend our sublime world and take us to places of splendor where we can find peace and humanity.  Yousef is a Palestinian who was born in Kuwait.  He grew up in the Middle East region exposed to images of war and violence. He did not speak at a young age and with the help of his father (who gave him his first camera) he found his voice which eventually led him to manifest his mission in life: to give voice to the voiceless. At seventeen, Yousef left for the United States, where he continues to reside.

Over the years Yousef has authored 3 award winning books: Voices of LightIn Search of Peace, and Invisible Eve. He has also been listed as one of the World’s Top Photographers by RotoVision, and in 2007 his book In Search of Peace was chosen IP Outstanding Book of the Year.  That same year he was selected artist of the year by Mont Blanc, in the Most Life-Changing category, and chosen to help with UNICEF promoting literacy and education around the world. In 2009, The Fulbright Center for Peace in Washington, DC selected his book In Search of Peace as the book of choice to be gifted in the Global Symposium of Peaceful Nations to the top peaceful nations of the world.

Yousef’s work has also been featured in many magazines and exhibited in galleries, cultural centers, and museums worldwide. His images and messages perpetually fascinate his readers and help them see that harmony exists, and that peace is an attainable possibility.

For Yousef’s presentation at Morning Star he will take us through a “Journey of Light” – from a world of majestic landscape, to the US Supreme Court, House of Lords, women in prison, Arabian Peninsula and Jerusalem. This is a journey of an artist with cosmic vision, in search of self, peace and humanity, in a world drenched with greatness and madness.




The virtual meeting room will be open at 9:30 a.m. for virtual visiting and the service will start at 10:00 a.m. We are trying different methods to improve our sound issues, so please be patient with us.  If you have trouble connecting or have technical issues on your end, please don’t worry or concern yourself about it.  Just disconnect, go on about your Sunday, and wait for the recording to be posted on Facebook and the website.

Instructions for you to download ZOOM and connect are included below.  This Morning Star service will be recorded in full and made available to the community on our public Facebook page (Morning Star Center for Spiritual Living) and on our website ( under the Speaker’s tab.  So, if you cannot make it Sunday morning LIVE, rest assured you can watch the recording later at your convenience.

You have 2 options.

  1. Attend by using the computer or laptop.
  2. Attend by using your mobile phone.

Choose the option that works best for you. Be sure to prepare and install ZOOM in advance. It takes a few minutes to set everything up.

Know that using ZOOM as an attendee is always free. You don’t need to buy an account.

Instructions for using ZOOM on the computer or laptop.

  1. Be sure that you have internet.
  2. Click on this link to download the software >>
  3. Install ZOOM.
  4. Accept all the features and questions (don’t worry. It’s safe!)
  5. On Sunday morning, click on this link around 9:30 to join the meeting. We want to be sure everything is working. Be on time so we can help you out!
  6. Turn up your sound so you can hear us.

Instructions for using ZOOM on your phone:

  1. Be sure that you have internet.
  2. Go to the app store on your phone and download the ZOOM app.
  3. Accept all the features and questions (don’t worry. It’s safe!)
  4. On Sunday morning around 9:30, open the app on your phone and click on ‘ join meeting’.
  5. Fill in the following meeting id number: 441-871-663.
  6. Accept using camera and phone (otherwise you can’t hear us).
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