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Spirituality Beyond Religion

Board Members

Connie Fawcett and Sacra Nicholas, Co-Chief Stewards
Jeanne Fell, Financial Steward
Darrel Clark
Christi Fransen
Ellen King
Karen Marx
Laura Mayer
Sara McFall
Anne Oakley
Leslie Vennochi
Mike Zorba

The board meets the second Sunday of every month at 1:00 on Zoom. The public is welcome to attend.

Committee Members

Music Program

Darrel Clark, Chief Musician
Ian Bittle
Geoffrey Burch
Frank Lawrence
Ken Nicholas
Bob Schlegel

Hospitality Committee

Mike Zorba, Interim

Speaker Committee

Midge Magstadt
Sacra Nicholas

Communication Outreach

Helen Duchon
Connie Fawcett
Cindy Merrick
Margaret Razook

Tiny House Committee

Adrian Savage
Claude Duchon
Helen Duchon
Celia Jones
Nicole Zorba
Michael Zorba


Jeanne Fell
Ellen King

Service Facilitators

Jeanne Fell
Midge Magstadt
Sara McFall
Anne Oakley
Mike Zorba

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