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Spirituality Beyond Religion

March 31

Frankie Walters

‘Life Interruptions and Divine Interventions’

Frankie Walters is a wife, mother of three, and grandmother to six. A storyteller of life happenings, she weaves together true-life tales of joy, challenges, mistakes, success, faith, God moments, and life lessons that deliver nuggets of spiritual wisdom. She will share excerpts from her book: ‘Life Interruptions and Divine Interventions: Memoirs of a Little Girl from Texas––Age 5 to 75.’ The four selected stories describe encounters with the Holy Spirit, heaven-sent angels, and God’s earthly messengers.

During Frankie’s career, she wrote and presented educational presentations, GREAT Customer Service, Professional Presence, Job Search Strategy workshops, and authored a self-help book titled Country Values…City Wise: Lessons in Personal Development and Workplace Savvy. Frankie taught the above workshops at OU Outreach and in North Carolina for 3,000 outplaced workers where she also provided one-on-one services in resume writing and interview coaching.

In California, she managed the communication and education of Disney Image for 11,000 Disneyland Resort Cast Members, and taught personal/professional development workshops at Disney University. In Illinois, she owned and operated a retail store and image consulting business with 10,000 customers. She was the recipient of an Illinois Outstanding Working Woman Award from Illinois Federation of Business and Professional Women Clubs and Illinois Girl Scouts for her work with the homeless. Frankie is an active member of McFarlin United Methodist Church.

Meditator: Ally Richardson

April 7

Kelley Blair

Raising the Divine Feminine – A Necessary Next Step for Our Spiritual Evolution

Kelley Blair, MS, LPC, earned a Master’s degree in Community Counseling at Oklahoma State University and taught at the university level for 3 years. Kelley is a licensed professional counselor and supervisor with nearly 20 years of experience working in the helping field with therapeutic and advocacy experience related directly to the Native American and LGBTQ communities in Oklahoma.

Kelley is the founder of the Diversity Center of Oklahoma, a non-profit community resource center for gender diverse and Two-Spirit populations and their families including disenfranchised and marginalized people of color. Kelley has extensive experience working in the non-profit arena and serves on several Native American and LGBTQ related non-profit boards, social justice, and state/civic community organizations. They currently Co-Chair the Central Oklahoma Two-Spirit Society and sit on the International Council of Two-Spirit Societies. Since Kelley’s passion lies in issues related to social justice (especially related to Native American and diverse populations), the Morning Star community will be helped to explore ways we can prepare to evolve spiritually based on some indigenous traditions.

Meditator: Jan Blakely

April 14

Adrienne Gautier

Ready for 100 Norman – Year Two

Adrienne Gautier is the Co-Coordinator for Ready for 100 Norman (RF100), which is a community driven movement to transition Norman to 100% renewable energy. She is also the chair of the local Sierra Club (The Red Earth Group) and the co-chair of the Sierra Club Legislative Committee.  When asked about why she decided to commit to environmental advocacy in these capacities, she explained that she became aware a few years ago that trying to create positive steps forward at a local level was fitting and meaningful work that she could do during these urgent times for our planet.

Adrienne will share more about her personal journey and educate us on this year’s RF100 projects and plans. She will use the first two guidelines for the transition to 100% renewable energy, Efficiency and Equity, as anchors for helping the Morning Star community obtain relevant information and resources they can use if they feel called to join in with Adrienne’s efforts. What a perfect time to get ideas for meaningful response and actions in preparation for Earth Day 2019 on April 22nd.

Meditator: Jodi Jennings

April 21 Easter

Alan Atkinson

“If We Walk Far Enough We Will Sometime Come to Someplace and Other Things I Learned From the Tin Woodman”

Alan Atkinson is an itinerant art historian and crafts person who is currently employed by the Oklahoma Arts Council. In his role as director of Visual Arts and Capitol Collections he has been responsible for removing most of the art from the interior of the Oklahoma State Capitol, but he promises that he is going to put it back. Born in Iowa, raised in Oklahoma and schooled in Kansas, Atkinson’s remaining goal in life is not to die in Nebraska. When not cooking or doing yard work Alan relaxes by reading historical fiction and watching his blind dog try to find the cat. He has been married to Susan for 30 years and has two children, both still in those awkward years between 16 and 40.   Alan will be speaking about searching for sacred space, how to find it and what it might mean.

Meditator: Helen Duchon

April 28

Diana Morgan

Living in the World as a Spiritually Sensitive Person

Diana Morgan is a Certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner and Transformational Life Coach here in Norman.   She says, “Being spiritually sensitive brings with it profound gifts of empathy, healing and visionary insight. It also, however, brings challenges. How do we survive in this world that is harsh, confusing and full of suffering? How did we cope as children when we were particularly vulnerable? Spiritually sensitive people often feel as though they do not truly belong here.”

Diana has been inspired by the work of Judith Blackstone, author of Belonging Here, and describes her as a saving grace through her teachings about how to become embodied through a form of meditation she calls The Realization Process. When Diana came into contact with Judith’s work she immediately changed her meditation practice and has been working on becoming embodied ever since. Diana will share her experiences of the Realization Process and how it has helped her and she will give us tips to enhance our own spiritual practice.

Meditator: Mary Bruehl

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