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Spirituality Beyond Religion

November 4

Jerome Braggs

“My Near Death Experience and Awakening Story”

Jerome Braggs is best described as the Soul Medicine Man.  He is a healer, energy and medical intuitive, and spiritual teacher.  His amazing journey catapulted him from a life ending diagnosis in 2005 onto his path of self love and alignment.  He transformed his life through a twelve year mystical rite of passage and learned how to heal and transform his life from the inside out.  He has a flourishing healing practice in Oklahoma City and works one on one and in group programs to teach and share the tools needed for higher spiritual perspectives for building a more delicious life.  Jerome will share his story and will touch on his methods to self-love and healing.

Meditator: Mona Nelson

November 11

Cielja Kieft  – Workshop after the Service (1 hour)

‘Empathic Communication’

Cielja Kieft is from Holland; she has lived in Norman for 2 years and teaches Empathic Communication.  Cielja was intrigued by emotions and communication as a young child.  With her playful spirit she chose a theater education which gave her insight and skill to approach any situation with role-playing and she incorporates it into her workshops.  She had her own theater group and worked as a voice coach at the University of Amsterdam.  Cielja also teaches the Peaceful Conflict Resolution skills of three time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Dr. Thomas Gordon.  Her journey was further blessed with the metaphysical training she received from her husband, Emahmn.  At the beginning of this year, Cielja founded the Empathic Communication Academy.  She incorporated pretend drama for children 5-8 years old into the Academy where empathy skills are acknowledged in a playful way.  She has offered a challenge ’24hrs Without Complaining’ and started the challenge ’22 Days with Gratitude.’

If you want to completely transform your life, if you want to dramatically improve your relationships, if you want to be a happier you, then this service and workshop are for you.

Meditator: Jodi Jennings

November 18

Janice Blakely – Potluck after the Service

‘Shh … I Have a Secret’

Janice studied at the University of Oklahoma receiving a BS in HPER (Health, Physical Education, and Recreation) and an MS in Library and Information Sciences.  She taught physical education in Bartlesville and library science at Panhandle University; and worked as a librarian at Oklahoma State Library.  Janice is a natural athlete and at OU played on the softball, basketball, and golf teams.  She is a published author and delights in seeking answers, compiling statistics, gathering trivia, and meaningful conversation.  In her talk at Morning Star, she discusses her lifelong struggles with the eating disorders bulimia and anorexia nervosa that began at the age of nine.

Meditator: Cindy Merrick

November 25

Sara McFall

‘Choosing the Life We Want to Live’

Sara will talk about her evolution of faith and the influence it has had on her personal practices and choices.  Sara works to overcome past demons and challenges to find a balance of love, commitment, and connection.  Today she lives her professional life as a family law attorney, and strives to bring a level of compassion, truth, and understanding to those dealing with the tragedy and conflict inherent in the process of dissolving a marriage.  She is a committed Morning Star community member and volunteer.

Meditator: Charlotte Hayes

December 2

Cindy Cuccia

‘Right Here, Right Now’

Cindy Cuccia is a native Oklahoman who began Zen practice in 1997. She lives in Norman with her family and teaches at OU.  “Right Here, Right Now” is an overview of the Zen practice of zazen, “just sitting”, followed by questions and answers.

Meditator: Mary Bruehl

December 9

Jay Wright

‘Your Perpetual Freedom’

Jay Wright is a lifelong entrepreneur and owner of the OKC ELC (Entrepreneurial Leadership Center) in Oklahoma City. His entrepreneurial path was encouraged by his family of entrepreneurs, especially his grandfather. At the age of 13, Jay’s Pappaw helped him prepare, plant, and harvest pumpkins to sell for Halloween.  They sold around a thousand pumpkins that fall, netting some pretty serious start-up, pumpkin-seed money for future endeavors. Next, with help from his mom and sisters, Jay started a chain of snow cone stands (SnoWorld), that he later sold to help pay for college at Oklahoma City University.  While in college, he got licensed in real estate and financial services, and invested in his first real estate properties. Jay met his wife, Lyndi, in college and together they launched their financial services marketing agency before they graduated. Over the next 17 years they hired and trained thousands of other entrepreneurs, opening multiple branch offices.  They traveled extensively to train and motivate groups up to 50,000 in attendance. Working together, they coached thousands of families and individual leaders to greater personal and financial success. For years, Jay has managed the OKC ELC and other real estate projects as he and Lyndi home-school their 3 children and also lead several entrepreneurial masterminds and networking events. Jay’s favorite mastermind is WisdomX. There, they work with entrepreneurs who are also on the spiritual path, helping people find true freedom, peace and flow in the midst of the “busy-ness” of modern business.

Jay’s Morning Star talk will be about re-connecting with Your Eternal Freedom to Create Anew. His discussion will include practical and proven steps to go about creating positive changes in our lives… with stories, examples and simple, effective practices.

Meditator: Jodi Jennings

December 16

Dennis Lewis

‘Christ and Christmas’

Dennis Lewis spent most of his adult life in California, where he worked as a court reporter. He retired in 2000 and has lived in Oklahoma for the last decade. Dennis is a veteran of Vietnam and an ordained and credentialed minister. In the early 80’s, he had his own church named Logos which is in Eagle Rock, California. He has spoken extensively at what was Unity Church here in Norman and before at an Episcopal/Spiritualist Church in central Los Angeles.

Dennis’s life continues to evolve and change along with his body and he now understands that he is here to share and extend what he has learned in the first 7 decades of his life in Joy, Peace, and Gratitude.

Meditator: Cathy Purcell

December 23

Special Christmas Service

Meditation and Silent Reflections

December 30

New Years Traditions

Sacred foods of the season that bring good luck and prosperity.

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