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Spirituality Beyond Religion

January 12

Dr. Sally Church

“The Universe Has A Method To It’s Madness”

Dr. Sally Church is a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and in the process of becoming an author. Although she is currently retired, she continues to bring that hearty Okie spirit into her current life much as she did throughout her professional career. (She contracted with the Oklahoma Indigent Defense System to provide forensic evaluations and expert witness testimony in capitol crimes for 25 years and spent 55 years helping troubling and troubled youth and adults find more peace within themselves and in their world.) Sally has become one of those wise elders who dares to consider the possibility of living forever and why not –she is going strong, learning every day, and finding great adventures in the life she is living! Sally says, “We can either get our hair on fire or we can relax and see how the universe is working things out, although how it works things out is also partly up to humanity.” I’m sure we’ll have some new perspectives and feel a bit more grounded once we hear what Sally has to share on this topic.

Unfortunately, our previously scheduled speaker, Dr. Twyla Wilson, is ill and will be rescheduled.

Meditator: Cindy Merrick

January 19

John Carl 

“Tribalism as Religion”

John D. Carl holds a PhD in Sociology, a Masters of Social Work and a Masters of Divinity.  He is an Associate Professor at the University of Oklahoma who is particularly interested in the role of incarceration in the United States and its effect on individuals and Society.  John asks, “As the importance of organized denominational religion continues to decline in the US the observer of society is left with a simple question. What’s next?”  In this presentation, he will investigate the likely future of tribalism as religion using the ideas of Durkheim, Tillich, and James.

Meditator: Karen Marx

January 26

Sandy See

“Good Vibrations: Using Sound for Healing and Meditation”   

Since retiring as Publicity Manager from OU Press in 2017, Sandy See has focused on studying meditation, movement, and sound immersion. Drawing from decades of meditation and yoga practice, she has been teaching, presenting workshops, and organizing and leading retreats for more than fifteen years. She is currently in training to become a certified Kundalini yoga instructor. As a volunteer with Norman Cultural Connection, Sandy has assisted with visits by Tibetan monks for over ten years and studies Buddhist teachings.

Sandy will discuss and share techniques for using sound to aid in healing and for meditation including the voice and various instruments. “We are all unique vibrational beings and working with sound provides a way to tune up our ‘instrument’ for healing and to reach a meditative state.”

Sound Immersion Experience Workshop (following the service)

Presented by Sandy See and Jeanell Jordan

When:  11:30 – 12:30  (following the Sunday Service)

Who:  All Morning Star members, friends and guests from the community

Cost:  Donations accepted

Sandy See and Jeanell Jordan will lead a Sound Immersion Experience following the service.  Participants may bring their own blankets and pillows to set up a comfortable space to relax to the meditative sounds of a variety of vibrational instruments including didgeridoo, singing bowls, and more. Donations will be accepted for sharing in this experience.

Meditator: Judith Coker

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