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Spirituality Beyond Religion

May 26

Anne Oakley

“This, Or Something Better”

When Anne Oakley began her spiritual quest in 2013, she was looking for life purpose and meaning. She was not a believer of religious dogma; however, aspects of New Thought Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism have each resonated with her. Particularly the practices of focusing on the positive, setting intentions, making affirmations, and expressing gratitude for the Universe’s gifts. “This, or something better,” aptly describes her life philosophy.

Anne’s work experiences span the non-profit, not-for-profit, governmental, and for-profit arenas. She was recently described as a serial entrepreneur and is currently focused on family business ventures. Anne has lived in several different states, though a majority of her life has been spent in Oklahoma, and she currently resides in Oklahoma City with her family. She loves the Morning Star community and considers it her spiritual home.

Meditator: Mona Nelson

June 2

Teresa Collado

“The Practice of Humble Warrior”

A writer shares that in Yoga when we practice Humble Warrior by bowing down to the inside of the front leg, head softening to the floor, we are ignorance, fear and ego that has been vanquished.  We are warriors for our inner selves on a spiritual path to connect with God.  Teresa recently had a profound spiritual experience where she was deeply moved by a small miracle.  She had spent years doing the footwork without knowing the answers or outcome and learning to allow God to work through her.  She saw the reasons why things happened over a multitude of years that brought her to this one divine moment.  Teresa will share what she has learned on her journey to the practice of Humble Warrior.  Teresa Collado is the Executive Director of The Virtue Center, a longtime member of the Morning Star community, a fitness enthusiast and in her most favorite role, the mother/grandmother/wife in the most amazing family.

Meditator: Cathy Purcell

June 9

Chock Petchprom

“Tai Chi”

Tai Chi is a physical and mental routine associated with martial arts, that is sometimes practiced to help sooth chronic health problems such as joint issues or cardiac conditions.  It is a Chinese tradition dating back centuries, and its story is long and complicated, with dozens of off-shoots.  Chock Petchprom grew up in Thailand, where he was first exposed to ancient Chinese medicine and other Asian health practices not traditional here in the west.  He is a retired computer scientist who has lived and worked around the US and overseas during his extensive corporate career.  Chock has also written a book about his life as a young boy in Thailand.

Meditator: Chock Petchprom

June 16

Seph Ness

“Our Own Collusion”

Let’s take a look at how Psychoneuroimmunology plays a role in how we see and experience the world and how we compartmentalize that which is “uncomfortable,” causing us to repeat patterns unknowingly. Learn how our mind, our feelings and our bodies collaborate to keep us repeating these patterns.  Join Seph as we discover what the aging process and genocide have in common, albeit without our conscience awareness. And how our conscious presence can unravel what we repeat and remove obstacles to our well being.

Persephone Ness is an ethereal compilation of celestial ponderings. She reflects her surroundings in an inverse and absurd way, much like a soap bubble that is reflective, transient and iridescent. An Army brat as well as U.S. Army veteran, she has lived among all walks of life, is a student of ‘A Course In Miracles,’ owns SephNess Productions and works in collaboration with Resonance Mind and Body Wellness. She has worked with emotional release of the ego mind through bodywork, been a motivational speaker and teacher for over 30 years. She is a world traveler, fascinated with language, intrigued by the human condition, a perpetual student and a displaced ocean lover.

Meditator: Joyce Palomar

June 23

Shannon Wolfe

“60 Seconds of Love”

People underestimate how one word, one minute, or a single hug can impact someone’s life in a profound way. Shannon will be sharing personal insights on the power of quality verses quantity in restoration of interpersonal relationships.  A gradate of the University of Central Oklahoma with a bachelor’s degree in education, Shannon also is a certified Fine Arts Educator Grades Pre-3 through 12th. Shannon has 16 years of teaching experience in Oklahoma’s Norman and Oklahoma City public schools. She is a multidisciplinary artist with vast understanding of various mediums including stain glass, oils, watercolor, ceramics and acrylics. Her passion is to help people navigate living through sharing real life experiences and powerful lessons learned in the class as a professional educator and beyond. Shannon’s enthusiasm is infectious as she encourages people to uncover the beauty in their own life and to paint life into their world with humor, kindness and thankfulness.

Meditator: Karen Marx

June 30

Byron Jackson


“We each deserve to be treated with worthiness. Easier said than done.” Byron will humiliate every person in the audience then say how he shouldn’t do that.  Just kidding, we will honor the dignity of the room and watch the vibrations rise for everyone there.  For the last 20 years, Byron has been, and is, the executive director of Possibilities Inc., with the mission of strengthening people’s ability to work together.

Meditator: To be determined

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