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Spirituality Beyond Religion

March 15

Thank you for joining us virtually!

Below are video links and images that you can watch and enjoy in lieu of our usual live and in-person Sunday morning service at the Senior Center. Our gatherings have been cancelled through the month of March due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. We hope you will all be able to access all this material. Let any of the Board members know if you cannot access it or are having an issue, and we will get it resolved.

We have done our best to emulate the order of our regular service, so you can just click on the links in the order they are presented below. We hope to all be back together by April. Thanks to everyone that worked to put this together in such a short time!

We will see everyone virtually next Sunday. Until then, please take care of yourselves!

1. Morning Star Facilitator Opening by Mike Zorba – Click Here

2. Meditation Link – Click Here

3. Speaker Link – Nadia Bolz-Weber – Click Here

4. Morning Star Facilitator Closing/Prayer for Protection – Click Here

5. Closing song – Click Here

6. Jewish poem for today – Click Here

March 22

We had our first live virtual service using Zoom!  Thank you to Kim Buining for your help, and our Online Team.  There were 36 people in attendance.  This link will take you to the full service.  The sound is not perfect but will improve every week.  And we will have more and more live performances from our band and members as we learn the process.
Link to full service featuring speaker Jerome Braggs:

March 29

We had our second virtual service using Zoom!  There were 39 people in attendance.  The first half hour, 9:00-9:30 is for visiting and seeing each other’s faces.
This link will take you to the full service.  The sound is still not perfect, so we will be moving to just live music in the future.
Link to full service featuring speaker Jerome Braggs, Part Two:

April 5


For our service this Sunday, April 5, 2020, we are again going to use ZOOM for our online service.  Sara McFall will be our speaker.


Living In Love and Connection When I Am Scared S**tless

My talk will be my effort to dig deep for wisdom from within and from those around, to help put the pieces of the puzzle of our lives together again. I believe: We are bound together by our common need. I believe: Whatever our spiritual or religious beliefs, we are source and sustenance for each other. Even in the midst of the dystopian landscape of today, there are acts of courage and kindness to inspire us.  These moments are saving me.  As I watch us all experience what I call a loss of innocence,  I find the most unlikely heroes.  And that is who I want to become.

Sara McFall has been a member of Morning Star Center for Spiritual Living for 18 years.  She considers the Morning Star community not only her spiritual home, but also her family of choice.  Sara has served the community in multiple ways, and currently is a member of the Board as Chief Steward, a member of the Hospitality Team (currently on hiatus) and a facilitator on Sundays.  She says her reasoning for being an active volunteer in the Morning Star community is “I want to make sure that Morning Star is here for me, and here for the people I love.  It takes all of us to make this community special, and I want to do my part and inspire others to give of their gifts also.”  She has been an attorney for 27 years and in recovery for 32 years.  She lives in her cottage by the park, currently with no pets or partner, subject to change in the future.

The virtual meeting room will be open at 9:30 a.m. for virtual visiting and the service will start at 10:00 a.m. We are trying different methods to improve our sound issues, so please be patient with us.  If you have trouble connecting or have technical issues on your end, please don’t worry or concern yourself about it.  Just disconnect, go on about your Sunday, and wait for the recording to be posted on Facebook and the website.

Instructions for you to download ZOOM and connect are included below with additional instructions in the attached pdf.  This Morning Star service will be recorded in full and made available to the community on our public Facebook page (Morning Star Center for Spiritual Living) and on our website ( under the Speaker’s tab.  So, if you cannot make it Sunday morning LIVE, rest assured you can watch the recording later at your convenience.

Thanks to everyone for your support and input on this new way to share Morning Star with the world!

Check out our Facebook posts at Morning Star Center for Spiritual Living



You have 2 options.

  1. Attend by using the computer or laptop.
  2. Attend by using your mobile phone.

Choose the option that works best for you. Be sure to prepare and install ZOOM in advance. It takes a few minutes to set everything up.

You don’t want to have stress on a lovely Sunday morning ;). Know that using ZOOM as an attendee is always free. You don’t need to buy an account.

Instructions for using ZOOM on the computer or laptop. 

  1. Be sure that you have internet.
  2. Click on this link to download the software >>
  3. Install ZOOM.
  4. Accept all the features and questions (don’t worry. It’s safe!)
  5. On Sunday morning, click on this link around 9:30 to join the meeting. We want to be sure everything is working. Be on time so we can help you out!
  6. Turn up your sound so you can hear us.

Instructions for using ZOOM on your phone:

  1. Be sure that you have internet.
  2. Go to the app store on your phone and download the ZOOM app.
  3. Accept all the features and questions (don’t worry. It’s safe!)
  4. On Sunday morning around 9:30, open the app on your phone and click on ‘ join meeting’.
  5. Fill in the following meeting id number: 441-871-663.
  6. Accept using camera and phone (otherwise you can’t hear us).
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