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Spirituality Beyond Religion

December 1

Sam McMichael

“All the World’s a Stage…’

Sam McMichael is a storyteller, a poet, and a retired farmer and rancher.  He recently left the Slick Hills of Southwest Oklahoma (near Lawton) and currently resides with his wife, Terree and his son and daughter-in law in Southwest Oklahoma City. He is the father of Wess McMichael (owner of McMichael Studio in Norman). Sam is back by popular demand and we all look forward to being challenged with his wit and unconventional and unpredictable approach to the topics he presents.

Mr. McMichael writes: “All the world’s a stage”…. It’s a common enough conceit.  William Shakespeare, W. B. Yeats, T. S. Eliot, Erving Goffman, Albert Camus, and Martin Heidegger have used it to good effect.  Sam will take a brief glance at how these illustrious thinkers used the idea and add a few reflections of his own.

Meditator: Mona Nelson

December 8

Darrel Clark 

“In Pursuit of Alpha Brain Waves”

Darrel Clark is one of the original members of Morning Star and a wonderful singer/songwriter band member who has been with the organization since it’s very beginnings. What you may not know is that Darrel has been involved in spiritual questing for many years and was involved in the early days with Audie Allison at the Lotus Center. Darrel has spoken on many topics over the years and we’re in for a treat as he tackles a topic currently discussed in research connecting science and spirituality.

Darrel writes, “I began noticing years ago that the first thing in the morning, before my mind gets revved up, I have some of my most creative and beneficial ideas.  It is a time of clarity when I can often easily solve problems and get fresh perspectives on all kinds of things.  I have come to value this time because the mindfulness and sense of freedom comes so naturally.  There is always a feeling of well-being and a sense of connection to something more.  Recently I’ve learned that this “first thing in the morning” condition is often used as an example of what neuroscientists call the “Alpha brain wave state.”   We all have our moments like this, regardless of what you call it and no matter how it happens for you.  It occurs to me that this state of mind should not be the exception, but rather is the preferred way to function.  I’ll be sharing other Alpha wave experiences and ideas on how to cultivate the Alpha brain wave state in our daily lives.”

Meditator: Charlotte Hayes

December 15

Troy Jones    

“Being With Money: Applying Spiritual Practice to Financial Decisions”

Troy Jones (Troy Boy to his family) is a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner and the Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and President of Access Financial Resources, Inc.  On his website one can read about his many accomplishments and awards which includes being the current Ambassador for the national Certified Financial Planner board for Oklahoma.

Mr. Jones has an amazing blog with a vast array of subjects posted since 2011 that demonstrate some of his ponderings.  I highly recommend you check out his blog Thinking Out Loud at I dare anyone to read Grandma’s Hankie without having a hankie of your own on hand (May 30, 2019 blog post).

When asked to send a bio, Troy described himself as a business owner who has been helping people integrate their life purpose and money since 1982. He also shared he is a yoga and meditation practitioner (aka Funcle Troy). At Morning Star Troy will help us explore ways money can support us to live meaningful lives.

Meditator: Sara McFall

December 22

Special Christmas Service  

“The 12 Blessings of Christmas”

We hope you can join us for this special service as we focus on 12 Special Blessings worth celebrating during the holiday season. Among these are Music (we’ll sing Christmas Carols throughout the service), Taste (we’ll sample Christmas goodies following the service), and 10 other Blessings (we’ll save those as a surprise). Although Morning Star will not have child care available, we have planned a service that is more interactive so that school age children who want to attend can enjoy and be a part of the service as well. Merry Christmas!

Meditator: Janice Blakely

December 29

Special Holiday Service

“Sacred Stations and Blessings”

Morning Star’s second special holiday service will be a quiet, reflective service that will open with a group intention circle and a Native American Sacred Space Ceremony. We will have background sacred music playing while all in attendance will be invited to “visit” as many blessing stations as time permits. Some of the stations planned include: Oneness Blessing, Sacred Sounds (Drum/ Singing Bowl), Tattwa – Mandala Coloring, Namaste Spirit Blessing, Gratitude Pudding Creation, Gratitude Poster Center for Senior Center, Angel Card Draw, and a Christ Consciousness Essential Oil Blessing Station. We’ll sample our Gratitude Pudding and any left-over holiday treats the community brings to share following the service. Although we don’t provide childcare during the holidays many of the stations planned are appropriate for school age children.

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